About Hellas Houses

About Hellas Houses Real estate property and its acquirement constitutes the most precious dream of thousands of people. The real estate services of Hellas Houses will fulfill your dream with professional responsibility and punctuality, seeking or creating, for you, the real estate which will fully satisfy your needs. For those who wish to build their own dream property, Hellas Houses undertakes with responsibility and punctuality its erection, delivering to the customer complete solutions. The high technical specifications, the experienced architects and the respect towards the environment, complete a reliable company profile.

Hellas Houses is active in the branch of brokerage and house construction, targeting to locate and cover the needs of its customers. Our company is staffed with experienced estate agents, construction companies and professionals of the real estate field, guaranteeing the excellent results which the proprietors, the buyers and eventually Hellas Houses anticipate. The profit and satisfaction of those who trust us consists the basic motivating power and wish of all our estate agents, whose target is the fulfillment of our customer’s dreams.

To whom it is addressed:

To the proprietor of any real estate for sale, renting, or giving it in exchange for development, reassuring him complete real estate services.

  • Internet, fast and easy access to Hellas Houses real estates.

  • Assessment of the real estate by specialised estate agents.

  • Creation of a complete file for each real estate, with all the data, information and specifications.

  • Immediate issuing of a mortgage with favourable terms, without formal delays.

  • Complete consultative services of real estate development.

  • Research and monitoring of international markets, adjustment to the needs of the purchasing public.

To the landowner, providing him with:

  • Research and erection of buildings, refurbishments and restorations.

  • Quality control of the constructions in every stage of production.

  • Perfect combination of know how and European standards.

  • Punctuality in delivering time.

  • Quality material for endurance and lasting in time.

  • Technical support before and after completion.