Cooperate with Hellas Houses

Estate agents from all over Greece can cooperate with Hellas Houses, transferring their real estate in our site. This innovative form of cooperation favors the buyers, the sellers and the estate agents. For the buyers it provides the possibility of finding an estate anywhere in Greece, smartly and fast. The estate agents and therefore the proprietors take advantage of this quick and mass promotion and selling of their properties. Hellas Houses gives the possibility to the buyers to describe in detail the specifications of the estate they are looking for. The search engine automatically displays the real estate which fulfills the conditions and the estate agent who promotes them. The estate agent assumes, with his responsibility, the processing of the necessary tasks for the delivery of the real estate to its customer.

Our cooperation expands to the field of architects, civil engineers and construction companies. Through our site you can directly promote your services, and the buyers who trust you are exclusively your customers.

Hellas Houses takes part in franchise expositions, promotes the real estates of Greek tourist areas and covers the needs of foreign investors. With its brand name your company is cleverly advertised, swiftly, fast and with minimal cost.

The procedure is simple and there are many benefits…

  • Advertising through Hellas Houses.
  • Promotion of the real estate of your own individual business.
  • Possibility of a horizontal cooperation between various estate agents.
  • Presentation of your completed works.
  • With a low deposit you can address to a wider purchasing public.